Custom Order

What is a customized order?

A customized order is for an item that you would like to change by adding a name or a certain photo.

We have many customizable products already available. If you are wanting to customize one of those items, please see the actual listing and use the custom fields.
When reffering to the item, please give the name of the product and the sku for example: Colored Butterflies - 07 - Blush Model 1617. The Model number is very important. Also the sku is listed lower on the page just below the compare button sku: D505764

If you are interested in placing a custom order, please review the below guidelines.

1️⃣ I do not, I repeat, do not do copyrighted things unless I have a license to do so. Someone else out there worked very hard on that idea, and I will not copy it. If you send me a copy righted item, I will decline it. (Research is gone into this step to ensure copying is not done. Just because a shirt appears on Pinterest, does not mean it is not copyrighted.)

2️⃣ There are several designers out there that sell their images. If you see an image you like, it is possible for me to purchase the commercial rights to be able to sell you this item. This is not considered copyright, since I buy the commercial license to use.

3️⃣ Your customized design may become the next design FBGC has to offer! If your design gets chosen, you will receive a special gift! 💝

4️⃣ Once your customized order has been submitted, please allow 48 fours for it to be reviewed. After review, you will receive an email with approval or rejection. After the approval stage, please allow 3-5 days for creation and order processing.

5️⃣ After your order is completed, you will receive an email with the link to purchase your product via the FBGC website. Upon completed payment, your item will ship.

6️⃣ Enjoy your customized bling!!

If you agree to the above guidelines, follow this link to the form. Mark sure to give me all the details. Big and small. This ensures I have captured your entire idea.